Exuberance, Psychedelics and Psychonauts

Psychoactive substances have been used by humans for cultural and religious purposes since humans developed the complex relationships and practices collectively called culture.

In the 20th century the scientific method of chemically enhancing and altering human cognitive function through molecular engineered substances has taken on a whole new
significance. The term Psychedelic has come to have two meanings, firstly referring to the substance itself and secondly to the visual art forms it has produced. The arts have plenty of examples of this, from garish abstract graphics to thousands of passages of music, directly resulting from the psychedelic experience.

But it does not stop there. It seems as though there is a connection between certain substances and nobel prizes awarded for new and out of the box thinking.

Francis Crick co inventor of the concept of the DnA spiral, Steve Jobs ex ceo of one of the worlds most prolific technology companies, Bill Gates developer of the worlds most dominant operating systems, Richard Feynman nobel prize winning physicist, and Kary Mullis the chemist responsible for DnA replication techniques which have revolutionised medical science and even forensic police work, all these people have claimed that psychoactive substances have aided their creativity and insight.

These days there is even a name for such people. “Psychonaut” the astronauts of the human mind.