Avant-Garde Society, Science and Design

This lecture course deals with the new frontiers in science, art, design and cultural studies. It takes a look at what are the embryonic discoveries which are currently below the radar of common understanding. Its aim is to be a primer for areas as yet little understood or explored but will no doubt have lasting and wide spread influence and impact. From cognitive science of quantum consciousness to generative genetics to outsider art and punk rock these lectures aim connect and map the state of the art of human experience in the empirical sciences and the emotions and desires manifest in the humanities.

Lectures -
1 - Social Networks and the Singularity
2 - Fashion, Fetishism and Branding
3 - Literature, Design and New Technologies
4 - Visual Futurism
5 - Paradigm shifts, Code,Complexity and Digital Fabrication
6 - ZooMorphic, BioMorphic, BioMimicry and BioHacking
7 - Ecology and Design
8 - Exuberance, Psychedelics and Psychonauts
9 - Open Source, Sampling and Originality
10 - Clouds and the internet of things ( Documentary )
11 - Abstraction and Design
12 - Production Design and Design for entertainment
13 - Art and the Outsiders
14 - The Usual

At the end of each class there will be a discussion on a current topic.
You will be expected to give your thoughts and opinions. Participation in
class discussion will be part of your grade.

Also every two weeks there will be a mini research assignment, this will be uploaded to your blog and count towards your grade at the end of semester.